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Core Values
  • Best People: Attracting, Retaining & Developing the Best Talent for Our Business.
  • Client Value Creation: Enabling Clients to become High-Performance Businesses & Creating Long Term Relationships.
  • One National Network: Leveraging the Power of National Insight, Relationships, Collaboration and Learning to Deliver Exceptional Service to Clients wherever they do Business.

Product Line

The company has emerged amongst the most trusted dealers of products which are availed from renowned market brands to services cars of various brands. Some of our products are named below:

    • Ecoshine Finish
    • Ecoshine Dash
    • Ecoshine Compound
    • Eco Coat Window
    • Eco Coat Wheel
    • Eco Coat Wax
    • Eco Coat Qartz
    • Eco Coat Premier
    • Eco Coat Poly
    • Ecocoat Poly
    • Ecocoat Premier
    • Ecocoat Quartz and many others
Brands Under SSEPl Flagship

The vendor brands from which we source all our quality products in vast variety and top-grade quality are listed below:
  • BG Products - USA
  • Driwash - USA
  • Sikand. Inc- Multi-Country
  • Somay-Q - Japan
  • Oil Flux - Spain
  • GDiesel - USA
  • VATEC - Australia
  • Leadway - China
  • ROBO Wash - Australia
The Journey of Our Success

Every company starts from a minor level and enhances itself with the growing experience of the domain of operation. We have managed to satisfy a large clientele on the basis of our unmatched quality products which are always delivered to clients within their required time frames. Our ladder of success is detailed below in a chronological order:

MARCH 2003

MUL Awarded SSEPL with Equipments approved for Productivity Enhancement for workshops.

JUNE 2003

MUL Approved Provision Boroscope as a special Service Tool to visually detect carbon deposits without disassembling the cylinder head.


MUL approved 21 BG Problem solving Chemistries, Conditioners and aerosols products for problems causes due to improper maintenance, usage of non-genuine parts, adulterated fuel, non-genuine consumables.

APRIL 2005

MUL reinstated BG Equipments for Dealer Workshops / MASSs.



APRIL 2006

TATA MOTORS (Passenger Vehicles Division) Approved 14 BG Problem Solving Chemistries, Conditioners and Aerosols products for problems caused due to improper maintenance, adulterated fuel and extreme driving conditions.


MUL re-introduced BG Equipments as Express Service Equipments for Maruti Express Service Bays.

JULY 2008

MSIL recognized SIKAND STANDELY AS A VENDOR (S075) for supply of BG Fuel Injection System Cleaning Tools and BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner for Cleaning gummed injectors which were being replaced earlier in new vehicles at the MSIL Factory.


MSIL Awarded BG INDIA - Auto Endurance Specialists its first 1,00,000 kms DIESEL MONITORING TEST to be conducted over 11 months in 10 regions.

MARCH 2009

SSEPL Introduced DRIWASH Waterless Car Wash System. It was tested by MSIL and is currently been used by Workshops across India.

MAY 2009

Chevrolet Sales India Private Limited. Awarded Driwash as Chevrolet Genuine Accessories.

JUNE 2009

TATA MOTORS (Passenger Vehicles Division) co-branded Driwash for use in their Service / Sales Network.


MUL approved DRIWASH for cleaning of outer body of vehicles and glasses without using of water.


HYUNDAI approved DRIWASH for use in their dealerships in Delhi, NCR's and Jaipur.


TATA MOTORS (Passenger Vehicles Division) approved BG Express Service Equipments as BG quick Service Equipments for better bay productivity to churn out vehicles faster.

APRIL 2010

SSEPL Introduced FILTERMAG that works to remove metal particles smaller than 40-micron down to 1 micron that the filter cannot stop.

MARCH 2012

TATA MOTORS (Passengers Vehicles Division ) approved BG EGR & Air intake Cleaning Service for their all make to vehicles.


LAND ROVER JAGUAR approved BG Air intake system cleaner, Power enhancer.


Tata Motors (Passenger Vehicle ) approved Coolant Systems Flush and Transmission Fluid Additive.


NISSAN approved Fuel Injection Cleaning System for Petrol and Diesel Engines, Vehicle Interior Sanitation and Dri-Wash.

MAY 2013

TATA MOTORS (Commercial Vehicles Division ) approved Fuel Induction Service, Engine Flushing Service, Cooling System Service and Fuel Injection System Services.


LAND ROVER approved BG DFC Plus with Cetane Improver & BG Diesel Fuel Supplement+Cetane Boost.

Having acquired success for over 15 years in the domain with BG Products, we have acknowledged and respected as the leading brands across the Indian marketplace. We thank all our business associates for their endless support.

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